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Located in Mitte by the Weinberg Park, Jord which means ‘earth’ in Swedish―not the planet, but the mother soil on which everything grows and thrives, making life possible―is the second restaurant of famous Chef Björn Swanson-Faelt. Jord stands for home, solidarity, tradition, remembrance, and love, topics that are dear to Björn. They created a combination of a seasonal and sustainable dinner concept that features a unique and fairly-priced wine list.

Jord would be nothing without the connection and love for the vine and so there are over 150 references on their wine list crafted by Bernadette Wulle, going on a colorful journey through Germany’s winegrowing regions, as well as France, Italy, Spain, and Austria. But you can also find the BrewDog beer here that’s been specially brewed for Björn Swanson.

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