Jon & Vinny’s


Los Angeles, USA

About Jon & Vinny’s

Just down the street from the original Animal, is the immensely popular all-day hub, Jon and Vinny’s. Known for its straight forward menu of salad, pizza, and pastas, the casual approach, yet utterly delicious food, makes it family friendly and sociable. It manages to be an atmosphere that invites a visit no matter the time of day or day of the week, keeping the dining room full of buzz at seemly every time slot.

About the Jon & Vinny’s Wine List

Most importantly, it is home to Helen Johannesen and her game changing wine shop! Helen’s Wines is micro-shop that packs a lot of punch, with an owner who is quickly becoming the face for wine here in Los Angeles. For decades, wine has unfortunately been associated with pretentiousness and elitism, and Helen dissolving that notion that one bottle at a time. And if you think just because of its address or the casualness of the food all you’ll be able to score is a bottle Prosecco or Chianti, think again. Helen gets the best allocations in town. Conjure up the best wine from any given region, and yep she’s got it... plus a ton of other producers you don’t know you about to love.

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