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Hotell Borgholm, located in the central part of Borgholm, is one of the most renowned restaurants in Sweden. In 2022 they turned 50 (!) years old. Hotell Borgholm was up until 2019 run by Karin & Owe Fransson. Karin was the head chef, while Owe built one of the largest collections of wine in Sweden with over 1,000 references. In 2019 Karin & Owe retired, and now Christofer Johansson is running the restaurant. He protects the legacy of Karin & Owe but has also put a more modern touch on the establishment, both with the interior and in the style of cooking.

At Hotell Borgholm, you can choose to eat in the dining room with a fine-dining setting that offers a three course menu or a tasting menu, or you can go more casual and eat at their bistro with more rustic dishes. Also, don’t forget to visit their famous herb garden.

The wine list at Hotell Borgholm is very classic, with some of the most famous wines in the world, but you will also find wines off the beaten path. It is one of those rare wine lists that offer both recent vintages and wines with maturity from the past decades. Most of the wines have been aged in perfect conditions at the cellar in Hotell Borgholm, making them a safe bet.

Throughout the year Hotell Borgholm also offers different wine oriented events such as tastings, wine festival and winemakers dinners.

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  • Christofer Johansson
    Creative Chef, CEO
  • Amanda Qvarfort
    Restaurant Manager & Sommelier

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