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About Holt

This cozy but contemporary European restaurant in central Taipei has already earned one Michelin star, and Holt continues to resonate with gentle harmony, celebrating the culinary creations of Chef Jeffrey Downs, who has marked his journey to mastery of the culinary arts at premium Michelin-starred and award-winning restaurants around the globe. At Holt, chef Downs reveals the spirit of Taiwan, bringing to the table seasonal tasting menus in counterpoint with a global palate.

About the Holt Wine List

Look to Holt for progressive wine selections, featuring sensational Récoltant Manipulant Champagnes (RM) and still wines made sustainably and with minimal intervention, like Pierre Frick, Ostertag from Alsace, Hauvette from Provence or tasty Envinate from Spain. The list evolves continuously, so it’s a great place to discover exciting new wines, especially through Holt’s synergetic pairing menus. Holt also proudly presents a curated portfolio of teas and coffees to round off your superb dining experience.


NT$1,500 per bottle(750ml)

Holt awards

  • 1 Michelin Star 1 Michelin Star

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