Seoul, South Korea

About Hiếutử

Hiếutử in Shinyongsan is a Vietnamese bistro with a great natural wine list. Shinyongsan has become a growingly popular neighbourhood in recent years, and Hiếutử makes it a very interesting stop for dinner. Since Vietnam has become a major destination for Korean travellers, and the Vietnamese food scene been growing in Seoul, people know how the food should taste like, and come to Hiếutử to eat the dishes made with fresh vegetables.

Hiếutử also has a bottle shop, which is something new in Seoul for a restaurant.

About the Hiếutử Wine List

The wine list is short and cost-efficient. The owner, Junyoung Nam, realised that expensive wines don’t sell well and decided to go for mostly affordable wines that pair well with their food. Some wines spotted on the list: GW Inspiration and Belloti Rosa.

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