Taichung, Taiwan


This sleek, casual fine-dining restaurant is located in the Ful Won Hotel. Chef Don leads his young and efficient kitchen team to create a more relaxed, modern style of restaurant. A knowledgeable wine service team and the talented bartender team provide a graceful dining experience. I recommend drinking some cocktails after the meals.

About the FReNCHIE FReNCHIE Wine List

​FReNCHIE FReNCHIE is home to a team of friendly professionals led by Xavier Tzeng, one of Taiwan’s most respected sommeliers. Xavier’s team creates interesting pairings of food and wine, and for tea pairings collaborates closely with Mr Blue, the Tea Sommelier.

Inspired by intense and dynamic creativity, Frenchie Frenchie presents a superb range of pairing menus for a pleasurable dining adventure.


NT$700 per bottle(750ml)

Great for

Wine team

  • XT
    Xavier Tzeng
    General manager
  • MC
    Mars Chen
  • I

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