Found Local

Wine Bar

Seoul, South Korea

About Found Local

Found Local is a natural wine bar and Korean fusion-bistro located in Chanwondong in Seoul. It is one of those places where atmosphere is everything; every light, every detail is well chosen. The first time I went there I remember studying the beautiful chopsticks for a long time, being amazed not only by how well the seasonal Korean ingredients where tasting, but also how they were presented on Korean ceramics.

In the dining space, there are a few tables shattered out, and a large central table, perfect for after-work drinking sessions (typical in Korean work culture). But the place to sit is really by the bar where you can have a close look at how the dishes are prepared and chat with the sommelier about the wines.

Found Local shares a beautiful courtyard with Gallery Document and Chapter 1, the interior concept shop with several locations around Seoul. The courtyard has a few stone tables surrounded by Korean maple trees, perfect for enjoying the​ daytime menu of coffees and traditional teas.

About the Found Local Wine List

Found Local’s wine list is all natural and changes in​ 2-3 week circulations. Some wines seen on the list are: Cascina Belloti L’etoile du raisin, Sebastien Riffault Sancerre, Leiner Voyage Voyage.

Great for

  • Bistro
  • Natural wines
  • Outdoor seating

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