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Copenhagen, Denmark

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About Enomania

Enomania is two old Greek words added together, Eno: wine and Mania: Maniac. And that is exactly what this Copenhagen restaurant is, maniac about wines. Enomania is an Italian restaurant and the depth of Piedmontese wine is one of the highlights. But the Burgundy section covers almost all the producers you can dream of. Damiano is the host of Enomania, where he happily shares his extended knowledge of the wine with you. The kitchen is inspired by the Tuscan background of Damiano and 25 seats are all that will fit in the restaurant.

Great for

  • Burgundy
  • Italian
  • Italian wines
  • Piedmont

More recommendations

  • A place as Italian as can be in Denmark. Only open on Tuesday-Friday, it is closed Saturday-Monday and ALL holidays. The food is simple and good, but it is honestly the wine and the owner Damiano you come for. Here the more expensive the wine – the better the bargain. Meaning you can drink some of the best Burgundies and Barolos for a price often lower than retail. Damiano is a classic man, and this is reflected in the wine list – but to this, you could only say that there is a reason something is classic! There is a warmth and a love for both the wine and the guests at Enomania, which always makes it a joy to visit.

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Wine team

  • Damiano Alberti
    Restaurateur and Sommelier
  • Mario Polignano

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