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Oslo, Norway

About Einer

Einer is permanently closed.

In Oslo city centre, the now (2023) Michelin Green starred restaurant Einer soon established itself as the go-to venue for both Nordic cuisine and natural wines. The open kitchen and the streamlined, yet warm interior give a casual feel to the restaurant. Stepping inside, you are met by knowledgeable sommeliers who will enthusiastically guide you through the wide range of natural wines on offer from different corners of the world. The list includes some more experimental wines, while others veer towards the classic. But at Einer, there is a wine here for everyone, so you will never be bored.

Linn Johnsen
By Linn Johnsen

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  • Einbar may look like an underground shisha bar, but they have a great wine selection, nice atmosphere and they're located in an area of Oslo where there really is little else of any quality worth mentioning. If you like techno, this is definitely your venue of choice, and for all of us who don't let me reassure you the kind they play here is quite calm and unobtrusive.

    Last call: Monday-Thursday 01.00, Friday-Saturday 03.00

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