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Trondheim, Norway

About Credo

Credo is permanently closed.

At Credo, you can look forward to a journey of Norwegian flavours sourced as locally as possible. This one Michelin starred restaurant even knows the name of the cow that provided the cream or eventually the meat. There is only one menu, consisting of some 25 servings.

With a somewhat ascetic approach, this is puritan Nordic cuisine with a large proportion of preserved ingredients. They pickle, dry, ferment and cure almost anything in order to offer you the best of Norwegian ingredients throughout the year.

In accordance with their philosophy, the beverage pairings consist of beer, mead and cider in addition to wines, often from a lesser-known area and made in a natural style.

About the Credo Wine List

After years of hard work, the cellar at Credo holds quite a few gems, especially if you are into mature top-quality Rieslings. The list is comprised of numerous wines from classic producers and areas with a good depth of vintages and price points.

If you are feeling adventurous, choose the beverage pairings, and if you prefer a somewhat safer alternative, pick your favourite bottle, and enjoy.

Great for

  • Bottles with age
  • Natural wines
  • Riesling
  • Wine pairing

More recommendations

  • The wine list at Credo has a fantastic selection of wines, from the classic to the newcomers. There are back vintages specially in sections like Burgundy and Bordeaux and younger wines from regions like Ribera Sacra. Producers are very well selected not only because they make delicious wines but also because the viticulture is organic, sustainable and many examples are biodynamic.

    The restaurant is conscious about sustainability in every detail and the list reflects this while there are many other beverages that are homemade and local.

  • It is impressive to have such a variation and depth in a compact list. The winner shows not only a complete selection of classical and less classical regions, but as well an understanding of the importance of having a wide array of vintages. To offer a wide choice to everybody in this category is quite an achievement, and you can be sure that no matter your taste you will always find a wine here! says jury member Francesco Marzola when Credo won gold for Best Medium-Sized Wine List 2023.

    Francesco Marzola
    Francesco Marzola
  • This list shows how sustainability needs to be approached from various angles. It is not only listing wines that are made organically or regeneratively, but also constantly pursues to improve the ecological aspect of the products and their use, including packaging, transport and wastage, says Heidi Mäkinen about Credo’s winning list in Best Sustainable Wine List 2023.

  • Quite some focus on natural and low-sulphur wines, yet with some good old classics stored away. It’s also worth mentioning the bistro/brasserie next door; Jossa. With dishes and flavours inspired by their travels it offers an approachable alternative to the full package at Credo, and of course; the wine list is available!

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Credo other awards

  • 1 Michelin Star 1 Michelin Star

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