Lyon, France

About Arvine

Arvine is permanently closed.

The Chef, Benjamin Capelier, grew up in the Loire Valley and, for our great pleasure, remained fond of his origins when it comes to wine. On the wine list, the Loire category thus offers a very nice and large selection from independent producers. You can browse more classic references as Huet, François Chidaine, Jacky Blot, and a more recent generation of winemakers pursuing the family story, for example, Augereau, Guiberteau, Verdier-Logiel and many more.

Don’t miss out on the nice and well-balanced selection of Languedoc wines and the small yet exciting selection of sparkling wines and champagne, with good value for money.

And let’s not forget the food; it is creative, original and delicious!

Wine team

  • Benjamin Capelier
    Chef, wine buyer
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