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Anarki is a small bistro-style restaurant located in the Frederiksberg neighborhood of Copenhagen and it is also the sister restaurant of well-established Restaurant Mêlée. As opposed to the francophile Mêlée, the dogma of Anarki is that they don’t have any dogmas. The wine list is created by award-winning partner & sommelier, Christian Thorsholt Jacobsen and the focus is on quality rather than ideology.

If you are a lover of classic contemporary wines you will most likely find something to suit your taste and budget – same goes if you are on a natural wine trip. It is a wine list where you always will find something new to try as well as the most classical wines. The list is a reflection of the personal taste of Christian and is ever evolving. At Anarki they often think that the food should complement the wine – not vice versa!

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