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At the little gourmet corner of Copenhagen, Refshaleøen, you find one of the leading restaurants in the city when it comes to sustainability – Amass. The restaurant has one of the deepest and most well-organized setups to be sustainable. Amass has its own garden where they can source many of the ingredients for the menu.

The venue is decorated with huge street art on the walls, which really showcases the style of restaurant. Chef/Owner Matt Orlando is well-known for being very focused on the products he is using, and always making sure to use the whole product.

About the Amass Wine List

The wine program at Amass is run by Dominic Ashby; a well-known sommelier with a great knowledge of the natural wine world. That is also where the focus is at Amass: low-intervention wines with a high sense of personality. The wine list showcases a large selection of Frank Cornelissen as well as great selected wines from some of the best producers in the field of low intervention wines.

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  • A really great selection at attractive prices. A wine list that makes me want to drink wine! says jury member Julie Dupouy-Young, three times Best Sommelier of Ireland, about Amass winning list in Star Wine List of the Year Denmark 2021.

    Julie Dupouy-Young
    Julie Dupouy-Young

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