Ulrika Karlsson's 5 favourite wine places on Gotland

Ulrika Karlsson runs one of Gotland's most celebrated restaurants, Krakas Krog. We asked her to list her favourite wine places around the island – here is her guide to Gotland's best wine places (and we added Ulrika's own restaurant Krakas to the list as well)!

  1. Phone: +46 498 21 42 14

    Address: Hästgatan 19, Visby

    Simple and tasty food and amazing meat to buy. Nice wines and well-brewed beer – a small venue worth a detour.

    Jessens Saluhall & Bar is temporarily closed.

  2. Phone: +46 498 22 40 09

    Address: FÅRÖ SIMUNDS 3866, Fårö

    A very cosy place, where they cook GOOD food with great sense of taste and Mediterranean influences. The evenings are magical, especially in August.

    Restaurang Fårögården is temporarily closed.

  3. Phone: +46 498 22 30 40

    Address: Rute Furilden, Lärbro

    A lovely place, especially when the evening falls and you enjoy the sea just nearby. Furillen serves great food and natural wines in a spectacular environment.

  4. Phone: +46 498 21 01 19

    Address: Strandgatan 20, Visby

    A cosy wine bar in Visby. The staff always open many wines by the glass, and you find a lot of interesting wines.

  5. Phone: +46 498 530 62

    Address: KRÄKLINGBO KRÄKLINGS 223, Katthammarsvik

    Krakas Krog in Kräklingbo on the eastern side of Gotland, run by restaurateur Ulrika Karlsson, is a small gem on Sweden's restaurant scene. Krakas is open 11 June to 11 October, four days a week and with only one seating per night. The cuisine is nordic with a focus on the green. Krakas Krog also has some rooms for guests who want to stay over and enjoy a lovely breakfast the following morning. Booking in advance is a must.