The best short wine lists in Germany 2021

Here is the guide to the best wine places in Germany with shorter wine lists – less than 250 different labels. These venues were all finalists in Star Wine List of the Year Germany 2021. Check out all the venues and the winning wine lists!

  1. Phone: +49 234 97645666

    Address: Alte Hattinger Straße 31, Bochum

    Best Short List of the Year Germany 2021

    Zum Grünen Gaul is a lovely, cosy and rustic wine bar located in the heart of Bochum in the “Ruhrgebiet”, created by Five and Franz Ferdinand - the owners of the Livingroom. Zum Grünen Gaul means "The Green Horse” and the interior is modern and chic, but still not too ostentatious. The dark colors and the dimmed light create a cosy atmosphere. The food served in the bar is local, organic German dishes in a bar format – what we love to call German soul food!

  2. Phone: +49 30 91496396

    Address: Friedelstraße 47, Berlin

    Special Jury Prize Germany, presented by Martha's 2021

    ​​Germany’s first and only desserts restaurant, located in Berlin’s trendy Neukölln neighbourhood, offers a modern culinary adventure unlike anything you’ve ever experienced: A dessert menu of seven courses with perfectly coordinated pairings. The team, led by pastry chef René Frank, relies on fresh, seasonal products of the highest quality. Artificial flavours, colours and additives are obvious taboos, and no refined sugar is used. Instead, the natural sweetness of vegetables and fruits play off a full spectrum of flavours: the saltiness of ingredients such as cheese and anchovies, the bitte...

  3. Phone: +49 30 89064222

    Address: Potsdamer Straße 58, Berlin

    Best Short List of the Year Germany 2021

    ​Golvet is a one-of-a-kind place in Berlin, located in one of the best venues in Berlin (an old and very famous nightclub). Golvet is a serious contradiction, fitting extremely well in Berlin – the food and service is neither casual nor fine dining; it is personal, it is regional yet European, classical French with an American dialect! The executive Chef Jonas Zörner took over from Björn Swanson in 2020. As our Scandinavian readers will realise, the name is very Swedish – just the name of the restaurant. Golvet means ”the floor” – and it is situated on the 8th floor, overlooking Berlin's Tie...

  4. Phone: +49 221 34662647

    Address: Pfeilstraße 31-35, Köln

    Best Short List of the Year Germany 2021

    There are thousands of reasons why you have to love Cologne. One of them is Henne.Weinbar on Pfeilstrasse. The wine bar supports the improvement of wine and social skills and is an absolute gem in culinary terms. The essence of Henne.Weinbar's kitchen is to avoid the classic menu sequence starter-intermediate course-main course-dessert. Just like in Spanish restaurants, guests should be able to order any dish at any time. Guests can order according to their mood and share with friends. All dishes are the same size, with no main courses in the sense of size. The open kitchen allows you to wa...

  5. Phone: +49 30 61289992

    Address: Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44a, Berlin

    Austrian Wine List of the Year Germany, presented by Austrian wine 2021

    A wonderful place nestled by the busy Kreuzberg canal. Sebastian Frank, named Best Chef in Europe 2018, has a very unique approach to his kitchen: He is Austrian and is cooking with his childhood memories! He and his team take on traditional Austrian recipes – he goes as far back as the Austro-Hungarian Empire – and brings those memories to the modern age. For Sebastian, vegetables are equal to meat and fish but be aware; this is not a vegetarian restaurant!

  6. Phone: +49 30 29778590

    Address: Warschauer Straße 39, Berlin

    Best Short List of the Year Germany 2021

    Michelberger Restaurant is located in Michelberger Hotel, located on the very busy Warschauer Straße – two minutes away from East Side Gallery, where you can admire the few metres left of the infamous Berlin Wall. The kitchen team focuses on serving food from the neighbouring states of Berlin – Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern – in a very organic and modern way. What is also great is that they have their own farm. The restaurant itself is very minimalist, well lit and overlooking Warschauer Straße.

  7. Phone: 030 279099027

    Address: Oranienburger Straße 32, Berlin

    Best Short List of the Year Germany 2021

    "NO boundaries, NO limits, NO name" - this is the motto of this special and casual fine dining location. Being situated at Oranienburger Street, a former art district with a touch of kink, the restaurant combines the past and the present. Parts of the walls are covered by floor-length translucent curtains that create a new time-deprived space within the historical walls. Towards the back of the dining room, a photorealistic drawing of a woman dangles from the ceiling, artfully tied up with knotted rope. Detail-loving bondage art and moving video sequences bring her to life and create a unique...