The best By the Glass wine lists in the Netherlands 2021

Here is the guide to the best Dutch spots to drink wines by the glass. These venues were all finalists in Star Wine List of the Year Netherlands 2021. Check out all the venues and the winning wine lists!

  1. Phone: +31 10 268 7010

    Address: Gelderseplein 49, Rotterdam

    Austrian Wine List of the Year Netherlands, presented by Austrian Wine 2021

    Unarguably amongst the three best wine restaurants in The Netherlands is the contemporary Michelin-starred restaurant Fitzgerald in the centre of Rotterdam next to the famous Rotterdam foodcourt (markthal) and cubic houses. This well-designed restaurant is a combination of a classy-chique and comfortable warmth. Owner and host Danny Gonzalez, who has been named host of the year by GaultMillau, is a true wine fanatic. No matter who you are, he always finds the perfect wine for you in every style or pricerange. Fitzgerald is on the one hand a great place for business meals for those who want to...

  2. Address: Camperstraat 48-50, Amsterdam

    By the Glass List of the Year Netherlands 2021

    Occupying a double-fronted, airy and rather a minimalist unit in Amsterdam East, 4850 is a hybrid venue that operates as a coffee and wine bar – and morphs into a more full-blown restaurant in the evenings. What’s great is that you can decide to drink a glass of grower Champagne at 11 in the morning, or a single-origin pour-over coffee at 11 at night. Anything is possible. The cuisine has a decidedly Nordic slant (reflecting its Swedish owner), with clean, fresh flavours and a lot of fairly adventurous ingredients and seasonings. The interior is dominated by the glass-fronted cellar, allowing...

  3. Phone: +31 20 845 2005

    Address: Albert Cuypstraat 58-60, Amsterdam

    By the Glass List of the Year Netherlands 2021

    A bit of Paris in Amsterdam. After a career in the city's culinary hotspots, Jan en Marije, friends Jean and Marie, opened their warm and 'gezellig' auberge in the heart of Amsterdam. At the end of the famous Albert Cuyp market, this cosy place was named the best French restaurant in the country. Not only in looks but more importantly, in feel, Jan en Marije bring their guests a true bistro experience. One great thing they left out: the famous Parisian rudeness and snobbery. On the contrary, after a tremendous meal, you don't want to leave the place without hugging the couple. As one can exp...

  4. Phone: +31 38 853 0000

    Address: Spinhuisplein 1, Zwolle

    Grand Prix Netherlands, presented by Austrian Wine 2021

    I must be upfront in admitting that I have been sommelier at 3-star restaurant De Librije in the past. Nevertheless De Librije is unarguably the best and consistent Dutch restaurant of the last 25 years. Not only are the playful yet refined and exciting dishes fundamental for a magnificent experience here, service is unprecedented. Chef Jonnie Boer was working with local cuisine and forgotten vegetables many years before that became fashionable. Who would have ever thought that pike-perch and apple-concentrate would match? Continuity and quality is guaranteed on the one hand by chef Jonnie and...

  5. Phone: +31 76 870 0179

    Address: Grote Markt 24, Breda

    Grand Prix Netherlands, presented by Austrian Wine 2021

    I love to come to this place, right on the historical market square in the lovely city of Breda in the south of the Netherlands. It is a big restaurant with a lot of seats and always packed with people. In fact, this is a steakhouse with the best meat possible in a luxury, glossy, hip setting. The wine list is a big surprise over here. You will be handed over a real book (an index is needed), packed with the greatest wines imaginable, full of hidden gems and over 40 wines by the glass also thanks to Coravin. Thanks to the Greek origin of Vasilios it is no surprise you will have a choice of 15...

  6. Phone: +31 413 257 000

    Address: Markt 1A, Uden

    Grand Prix Netherlands, presented by Austrian Wine 2021

    The passion for wine can be felt everywhere in this restaurant, located in a beautiful historic building – a former town hall – in the centre of Uden. The setting is modern, colourful, warm, and very cosy. The focus is all on wine first, and the dishes, nevertheless first-class, comes secondly. The pairings between the both are at a superior level. That is what I really like about Oonivoo. And the wine list of course…. an impeccable wine list (or maybe bible is the better word for this huge book full of the greatest wines imaginable). There are over 1,500 references to choose from, no wonder...