The best Austrian wine lists in the Netherlands 2021

Here is the guide to the best Dutch spots to drink Austrian wine. These venues were all finalists in Star Wine List of the Year Netherlands 2021. Check out all the venues and the winning wine lists!

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    The Austrian Wine Marketing Board is based in Vienna, and is a national service body for the Austrian wine industry. The aim is to strategically support, coordinate and maintain quality and sales.

  2. Phone: +31 10 268 7010

    Address: Gelderseplein 49, Rotterdam

    Austrian Wine List of the Year Netherlands, presented by Austrian Wine 2021

    Unarguably amongst the three best wine restaurants in The Netherlands is the contemporary Michelin-starred restaurant Fitzgerald in the centre of Rotterdam next to the famous Rotterdam foodcourt (markthal) and cubic houses. This well-designed restaurant is a combination of a classy-chique and comfortable warmth. Owner and host Danny Gonzalez, who has been named host of the year by GaultMillau, is a true wine fanatic. No matter who you are, he always finds the perfect wine for you in every style or pricerange. Fitzgerald is on the one hand a great place for business meals for those who want to...

  3. Phone: +31 20 638 0866

    Address: IJdok 185, Amsterdam

    Austrian Wine List of the Year Netherlands, presented by Austrian Wine 2021

    Restaurant MOS at Amsterdam's 'IJ' waterside is one of those restaurants where you could eat every week and never feel like it's repetitive. Though the setting is formal-chique, it is a very warm and comfortable place. The Michelin-starred food has always been good and over time seems to have improved to even higher standards. Light, refined, and at the same time unpretentious. The water view is fantastic, the service is friendly, and the wine list is great. Also very important, the value for money is superb, which is an extra reason to go back regularly. If you're looking for a more fancy n...

  4. Phone: +46 70 767 0024

    Address: Denneweg 11, Den Haag

    Austrian Wine List of the Year Netherlands, presented by Austrian Wine 2021

    You can never go wrong at Wijnbar Pierre by CP. Completely in style with partner restaurant Central Park at the edge of the city, CP is luxurious in style, with brass copper, marble and dark wood. Situated at the fancy Denneweg, Pierre is a hotspot for The Hague's businessmen and Diplomatic Corps. However, Pierre is everything but exclusive. Not only do they serve nice (finger)food at surprisingly good prices, which attracts a broader audience. More importantly, the knowledgable, attentive staff makes everyone feel at home. Don't expect hip and trendy natural wines from obscure places, the wi...