11 great wine places in Trondheim 2024

Trondheim has grown into a culinary city with a lot of high-quality restaurants and wine bars. Here is the wine lover's guide to the best wine places in the city!

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  1. Phone: +47 92 42 89 79

    Address: Nedre Baklandet 21, Trondheim

    If you are looking for an authentic location and superb atmosphere, Bakklandet is Trondheim’s equivalent to Stockholm’s Söder or New York’s Greenwich. Take a few steps downstairs and enter an intimate and cosy wine bar, with the perfect food to go with the wine; pinsa (no, that's no spelling error, pinsa is fluffy, slow-proven dough with delectable toppings. Not Neapolitan pizza, but just as good. The list might be one of the smaller ones in town, but it is constantly evolving and increasing, and is currently championing wines from Eastern Europe as well as offering some good old faithfuls fr...

  2. Phone: +47 405 55 529

    Address: Prinsens gate 32, Trondheim

    Where to start? Bula is one of those places that you cannot put a label on – and that is exactly how they want it! Choose between a 5 or 10-course menu, regular or upgraded wine pairing, choose an extra bottle or two from the list and sit tight and enjoy the ride. They also have a secret room for 6-12 pax bookings, where you get your own private restaurant and a whopping 20 courses. Even though everything is casual at Bula, they offer some seats in their bar area for small bites and a feel-good vibe if you feel like something lighter than the menu. The wine list is as eclectic as the cuisine...

  3. Phone: +47 458 44 996

    Address: Ørjaveita 4, Trondheim

    Focuses on the classic wines of the world, from well-known producers and regions. If you’re not quite in for spending the evening; they also have an easy-going bistro where, of course, the wine list is available as well.

  4. Phone: +47 454 88 889

    Address: Brattørkaia 17b, Trondheim

    Classic focus with a good selection from the best producers and good vintage depth.

  5. Phone: +47 73 60 60 24

    Address: Munkegata 25, Trondheim

    We all love it, the classic French Bistro. And this one is situated dead hard in the centre of Trondheim, just a champagne pop away from the main square. Here, comfort food based on high-quality local ingredients is served with care and enthusiasm by some of the best restaurant people in the city. Røst was the previous project of the chef-come-restaurateur couple Mette & Martin. They’ve brought their Restaurant Manager and all of their know-how and passion for good food and genuine hospitality to Le Bistro. In perfect correlation to the menu, the wine list features a good selection of classi...

  6. Phone: +47 957 11 020

    Address: Nedre Bakklandet 6, Trondheim

    A small yet quality driven list with very good prices!

  7. Phone: +47 919 20 684

    Address: Øvre Bakklandet 66, Trondheim

    With a modest façade, Rive Gauche really is just “à droite” when you cross the bridge from the Trondheim city center. When you enter through the doors it is like stepping away from the Norwegian gloom and into the glamour of Paris. The menu is focused and well-created and you know that everything is going to taste great and exactly how it is supposed to. If you just want a quick bite on your way home from the office or on your way to the next stop of the evening, don't be shy; pop in and enjoy. With attentive and warm service; who knows, you might as well end up spending the evening after all....

  8. Phone: 919 14 912

    Address: Fjordgata 1, Trondheim

    Best Medium-sized List of the Year Norway, in cooperation with Norges Beste Vinkart 2023

    A “work in progress” kind of style with a good selection of wines of true identity. Quite a bit of natural/low-sulphur wines but also the great old classics.

  9. Phone: +47 73 800 805

    Address: Dronningens gate 5, Trondheim

    Best Long List of the Year Norway, in cooperation with Norges Beste Vinkart 2023

    The full cellar list, with a classic focus and packed with Champagne, is always available, but this is really a place to opt for the wine pairings, especially the Wine Lovers option.

  10. Phone: +47 73 56 89 00

    Address: Carl Johans gate 5, Trondheim

    From the moment they opened their doors in 2005, To Rom og Kjøkken has been one of the top go-to places for locals looking for a casual atmosphere and classic quality cuisine. They work with local produce from the Trøndelag region, and their patron, Roar Hildonen, still welcomes guests to this very day whilst being an almost inherit part of the Trondheim restaurant scene. Their awarded wine list features an extensive selection from the most classic regions, with jewels from top producers such as Le Montrachet from Domaine Ramonet, Pettenthal from Schätzel or a well-developed bottle of Château...

  11. Phone: +47 73 80 08 00

    Address: Dronningens gate 5, Trondheim

    One of the most extensive lists in the Nordic region, with a classical focus and packed with Champagne