2 great wine places in the Stockholm archipelago

Salty rocks, green islands, plenty of boats and sunny afternoons. Could it possibly be better? Yes, of course – you also want to sip some good wine, don’t you? And yes, there are a few top wine places to find. Here are the best wine gems in the Stockholm archipelago.

  1. Phone: +46 739-384 562

    Address: Gällnö Bar, Gällnöby

    Gällnö Bar is one of the cosiest venues in the Stockholm archipelago. The food is rustic but tasty, and in the simple wooden bar, you can buy craft beer and order wine from a wine list that's short but well put-together. Don't miss the Syrah section.

    Gällnö Bar is temporarily closed.

  2. Phone: 08-542 472 55

    Address: SVARTSÖ ALSVIKS UDD 397, Skälvik

    Tasty food, fun wine list, knowledgable staff, and usually pretty crowded. Svartsö Krog is indeed one of the archipelago's gems. Also, don't forget to try one of their cocktails.

    Svartsö Krog is temporarily closed.