19 great wine bars and wine restaurants in Vienna 2024

From fine dining restaurants to casual wine bars – here is our guide to our favourite wine spots in Vienna, Austria.

  1. Phone: +43 01 5953416

    Address: Mollardgasse 76, Wien

    The courageous gastronomic company of Fabian Günzel, a master chef from Germany, serves an eccentric author's kitchen, as well as a richly stocked wine list. Of course, the food and wine pairings are also great. The name Aend is intended to express the connection between two things, but does not mean food and wine, but rather two often contrary ingredients. Deciding between a seemingly endless selection of Champagnes is just as difficult as it is when it comes to Bordeaux, which sommeliers have tended to ignore in recent years.

  2. Phone: +43 1 9974446

    Address: Große Neugasse 31, Wien

    Best Short List of the Year Austria 2022

    Run by Christine Nasr and Andreas Schwarz, this small and cosy place is a neighbourhood eatery to really be the envy of the neighbours. Everyday culinary life here consists of imaginative, mainly vegetable-based cuisine, in which meat only occurs at most once or twice and in trace elements. To cook like this, you have to be able to cook. The homemade focaccia is addictive. Wines are available to the house in cooperation with the wine dealer Weinskandal. So you will have a lot of good wine, from Chateau Yvonne to Sepp Muster.

  3. Phone: +43 650 2334544

    Address: Tiefer Graben 9, Wien

    This luxurious and cosy Champagne bar is the perfect stop after doing business or shopping in the centre of Vienna. Here, Champagne is the only meaning of life for the owners and the service crew. You lean back and enjoy bubbles either by the glass or – much better – bottle by bottle. The selection is for beginners (classics like Krug or Bollinger) and connoisseurs (lots of not-so-well-known smaller Champagne houses) alike. If you work up an appetite, you can choose between a small range of snacks like caviar or a buttery Croque Monsieur with truffled ham. Sometimes, what started as an after-...

  4. Phone: +43 1 9444324

    Address: Fuhrmannsgasse 9, Wien

    Barbara and Hermann Botolen have been running this loving togetherness of Viennese tavern, with modern cuisine and a wine list with verve and consistency, for years. Sometimes the chefs change, and it's not easy to cook against this wine selection either. Hermann Botolen is considered one of the greatest wine connoisseurs in the country, and he is also an excellent taster. His special love is France, especially the wines from Burgundy. Hermann Botolen not only works with well-known names, but he also has an ingenious nose for small domains and winegrowers worth discovering.

  5. Phone: +43 1 2868563

    Address: Landstraßer Hauptstraße 17, Wien

    International By the Glass List of the Year 2022

    The name says it all when you know that the term Heunisch refers to a quasi-primordial grape variety that once dominated viticulture in Central Europe because of its robustness. Today Heunisch is hardly cultivated anymore, it has given way to Veltliner, Rotgipfler, Riesling, Welschriesling and other grape varieties. The Heunisch, which belongs to the owner of Pub Klemo, is a modern, casual mix of bar and restaurant. Depending on your hunger and mood, you can have small bites or multi-course menus here. The kitchen can do a lot. The wine list is less a history dictionary than a compendium of t...

  6. Phone: +43 1 5356518

    Address: Marc-Aurel-Straße 8, Wien

    Special Jury Prize Austria 2021

    Kornat won gold in the category Special Jury Prize in Star Wine List of the Year Austria 2021.

  7. Phone: +43 1 5122229

    Address: Dominikanerbastei 17, Wien

    Best Medium-Sized List of the Year Austria, presented by Wieninger & Hajszan Neumann 2022

    This restaurant (awarded two Michelin stars) has become a favourite of Viennese gourmets and visitors to Vienna who are interested in culinary delights. Filippou and his well-rehearsed team in the kitchen, which the guest can look into while eating in the dark-lit, elegant restaurant, offer a cuisine that constantly presents top products in new ways. The sauces are tough, and many plates are arranged like paintings. Filippou only sees meat as a spice. The Konstantin Filippou, run by the chef of the same name and his wife Manuela, was once the first top restaurant in Vienna with a large select...

  8. Phone: +43 1 5334260

    Address: Petersplatz 8, Wien

    One of the veterans of the not-so-old Champagne boom in downtown Vienna, Le Cru is an elegant bar that could easily be found in Antwerp, London or Paris. A small counter, a table with stools and a few seats, that's it. The room is characterized by a gigantic shelf with Champagne bottles. People meet here before or after eating, or instead of eating, or after shopping. The audience is a colourful mix of Habitués and newcomers from the suburbs of Vienna. The service provides competent advice and is enthusiastic about the task at hand.

  9. Phone: +43 01 9719141

    Address: Viktorgasse 22, Weyringergasse 36, Wien

    Andreas Lux came from Tirol to Vienna and worked as a sommelier with chef Alexander Mayer before Mayer closed his restaurant two years ago. In 2022 Lux, a great connoisseur of wines, opened his own place. It is kind of a casual, low-key restaurant with fancy, smart modern cuisine at moderate prices. No wonder that there are a lot of youngsters amongst the guests. The wine list is not huge, but it bursts with well-known names as well as natural winemakers from Burgundy and Austria. The courtyard is industrial chic, besides the former Milchzentrale.

  10. Phone: +43 1 9226679

    Address: Porzellangasse 53, Wien

    International Special Jury Prize 2022

    Matthias Pitra and Steve Breitzke have what it takes. As hosts and patrons of their wine bar according to their own will and imagination, and on their wine list. You don't just get small bites to accompany these great wines, you get a whole menu, prepared by a fantastic chef who knows that a meal shouldn't dominate a wine, just as it shouldn't happen the other way around. The ambience is a relaxed, straightforward mix of bar and restaurant, with a bit of Nordic flair. The wine list is very individual, presumably based on the preferences of the two hosts. The demands on the winegrowers whose w...

  11. Phone: +43 1 3304594

    Address: Wallensteinstraße 59, Wien

    One of the most booked restaurants in town, awarded two Michelin stars. Lukas (son) and Markus (father) Mraz serve a tasteful, extremely individual cuisine with humour and self-mockery, which also quotes Austrian classics (and of course often does it much better than the original), as well as international impressions that Lukas collected during his years abroad. The wine list is a thing in itself. Here you find the finest Burgundies standing alongside natural wine from southern Styria and the Jura. You get the impression that everything is there: the love of the Mraz family was for wine righ...

  12. Phone: +43 1 512222910

    Address: Dominikanerbastei 17, Wien

    International Best Short List of the Year 2022

    The younger, more casual brother of Konstantin Filippou, who is right next door. Filippou cultivates his Greek roots a little more here; you can have snacks and starters as well as a dinner with several courses, all at reasonable prices. The accompanying wines are off the beaten track and make the eyes of connoisseurs light up. Even regulars who have made themselves at home at O ​​Boufés are always happy to be surprised by the recommendations of the sommelier. Success is mostly guaranteed. The O Boufés wine list is a compendium of undiscovered, as well as established, winemakers of the highes...

  13. Phone: +43 1 518180

    Address: Coburgbastei 4, Wien

    International Sparkling Wine List of the Year, presented by Nyetimber 2022

    The ambition of the owner of this luxurious hotel has always been to run one of the largest, most famous and most expensive wine cellars in Europe. Mission accomplished... In Silvio Nickol's restaurant, awarded two Michelin stars, you can delve into the depths of this wine cellar under the supervision of excellent sommeliers. Silvio Nickol has given his kitchen a self-confident, individual style. He always incorporates some of his favourite ingredients, such as duck liver, into his menus in an enchantingly creative way. Everything seems well thought out and is implemented intelligently. The...

  14. Phone: +43 699 11091332

    Address: Margaretenstraße 61, Wien

    By the Glass List of the Year Austria 2022

    The owner of Pub Klemo is also the owner of Heunisch and Erben. But this is one of the original spots of Viennese wine culture, even though it is not about the Viennese wines themselves (they are available at the Heurigen) but about wines from Burgundy and Bordeaux. In the small, square restaurant, you can take a seat and look at the small selection of cheeses and ham (there are also warm snacks) and the wine list, a feast for the eyes. The prices are customer-friendly, and the service is top-notch, of course. Pub Klemo is a favourite of winemakers and sommeliers, and many wine-related events...

  15. Phone: +43 676 83 85 86 96

    Address: Lindengasse 1, Wien

    Best Medium-Sized List of the Year Austria, presented by Wieninger & Hajszan Neumann 2022

    The wine merchant Moritz Herzog, one of the most important figures in the Austrian wine scene, has fulfilled a dream and created a wine bar that is loved in London, Barcelona and Paris. Brutally natural, wild in its interior design, dedicated not to careful tasting but to unrestrained consumption. A tour du vin through Vienna should definitely pass by this bar. Casual, Spanish-inspired tapas are served as a base. The framework is as unpretentious as conceivable. Party time. Everything natural, but not just from Austria, goes into the glass here.

  16. Phone: 01 3104407

    Address: Reznicekgasse 10, Wien

    International Medium-Sized List of the Year 2022

    Simon Schubert has fulfilled his dream of self-employment together with his friend, the head chef Julian Lechner. If you are looking for a Viennese tavern with a historically valuable interior and modern Viennese cuisine, this is it. Schubert, who worked as a sommelier at Mraz & Sohn and Aend, is responsible for a substantial wine list. He gives free rein to his love of both Wachau and Bordeaux. As far as the guests are concerned: The Reznicek also has a large following among Austria's winegrowers and other wine-loving guests. The ideal place for tastings along the way. Simon Schubert has a...

  17. Phone: +43 1 7133168

    Address: Am Heumarkt 2A, Wien

    Grand Prix Austria 2022

    Heinz and Birgit Reitbauer run a restaurant that has the reputation of being the best in Austria. Top ratings in the guides, and for many years the best restaurant on the 50 Best list in the German-speaking region. Reitbauer has developed an author's cuisine, which he implements with scientific meticulousness. Much of what now is mainstream in Austria started here, like citrus fruits or the love of freshwater fish instead of sea fish. Reitbauer succeeds in integrating Viennese elements into his menus again and again, without them proving to be foreign elements in this light-footed, vegetable...

  18. Phone: +43 1 8904665

    Address: Himmelpfortgasse 23, Wien

    Best Medium-Sized List of the Year Austria, presented by Wieninger & Hajszan Neumann 2022

    Under the leadership of Paul Ivic (kitchen) and André Drechsel (service and wine), the Tian has made the vegetarian urban and chic. There is no discussion here as to whether a tasting menu of vegetables and a little more should cost the same as one with fine products from the sea, river and meadow. Ivic works with the best producers and gardeners around Vienna, and the program is naturally very seasonal. The wine list is on one hand a compendium of natural wines from the competent regions (Southern Styria, Weinviertel, Jura and more), on the other hand, a fine range of consistently well-known...

  19. Phone: +43 50 706 3122

    Address: Jasomirgottstraße 3/5, Wien

    By the Glass List of the Year Austria 2021

    Wein&Co’s flagship store near the St. Stephen's Cathedral has a large selection of wine both from Austria and beyond in the wine shop downstairs. At the entrance floor you also have a dining part where you can have wienerschnitzel and other specialities with wines from the shop, sold with a corkage.