Ellen Franzén: ”My 4 favourite wine spots in Stockholm”

​2019 Swedish sommelier champion Ellen Franzén, also Head Sommelier at restaurant Gastrologik in Stockholm, picks her favourite spots for sipping wine in Stockholm.

  1. Phone: +46 8 509 022 24

    Address: Roslagsgatan 6, Stockholm

    Best Short List of the Year Sweden 2022

    The people that work here make me feel at home, and the wine list always contains interesting stuff that you want to drink. My second living room.

  2. Phone: +46 8 30 30 30

    Address: Upplandsgatan 45, Stockholm

    What they don’t know about sake isn’t worth knowing. It’s always inspiring to come here, and the food is​ world-class. One of my favourite places when I have cravings for sushi.

  3. Phone: +46 8 22 00 21

    Address: Hornsbruksgatan 24, Stockholm

    A place with generous opening hours, so you tend to end up here after work. The wine list has a wide range and is one of the most affordable in Stockholm.

  4. Phone: +46 8 640 99 50

    Address: Åsögatan 171, Stockholm

    Best Short List of the Year Sweden 2022

    More or less the same as Babette, but maybe more of a place for Sunday hangout. I love to drop in for a late lunch, order a nice bottle of wine, some snacks, pasta... This is a place where you will spend many hours​.