Rebecka Lithander

Skåne Ambassador

"I started working in the restaurant business by chance after high school, as so many others do, and to make a long story short: I simply never quit. Who wants to leave an industry that is so easy to love?

To challenge myself and gain additional knowledge, I got a Certified Sommelier Diploma exam through the Court of Masters in the spring of 2014 in California. During this time, I also worked at Manresa in Los Gatos (back then a two-star, now a three-star), and there I really discovered my passion for service, details and wine pairings.

This passion led me to Daniel Berlin Krog in Skåne Tranås, where I worked as Restaurant Manager and sommelier for four years until the restaurant closed in the autumn of 2020. Nowadays, I work at Mutantur in Malmö, a restaurant where we are building a fun and dynamic glass program and wine list that goes its own way without becoming too 'old school.

Outside of work, I am currently studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Behavioural Sciences, and I also write some occasional pieces on my thoughts regarding our beloved hospitality industry."

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