Ožbej Peterle

Ambassador Slovenia

Ožbej Peterle holds a degree in Economics from the University of Ljubljana and a Master's degree in Political Science from University College London (UCL). His parallel journey into the world of wine began accidentally in 2007 when he completed the wine taster exam, and the rest is history, as they say. He was hooked. He worked as a sommelier in various restaurants, including at Hiša Franko, travelled the world, and studied.

In 2020, he achieved the title of Weinakademiker (dipWSET). Now, he is a freelancer involved in various projects, from writing articles to lecturing, organizing events, judging, and consulting. Wine remains a secret he will never fully comprehend, but he relishes this never-ending exploration. He believes that by lifting the "veil of ignorance" for wine newcomers, even if just by a couple of centimeters, the world becomes a slightly better place.

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