Arvid Lundström

South-East of Sweden Ambassador


Arvid Lundström is the Star Wine List Ambassador for Southeast Sweden. He learned to be a sommelier at Örebro University within Campus Grythyttan and the Culinary Arts and Meal Science department. As well as a Bachelor’s degree, he also holds a WSET Diploma.

After completing his university studies, he joined PM & Vänner in Växjö, which holds the broadest and biggest wine list in Sweden with more than 5,500 different references. He is still there today, where he says he learn something new every day and grows within the company.

”My relationship with wine did not come naturally to me, though my relationship with farming and farmers did,” says Arvid, adding that his fascinating with farming ultimately led him to appreciate wine growers and wine producers. In his early 20s he became interested in gastronomy — a passion that led to his current career.

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