Arvid Rosengrens guide till New York

Arvid Rosengren vann Sommelier-VM 2016 och hade dessförinnan vunnit både NM och SM. Han är sedan flera år verksam i New York där han först var wine director på Charlie Bird och sedan var med och öppnade Legacy Records. Arvid är också partner i Star Wine List - och det här är hans favorit-vinbarer och restauranger i New York. Häng med! (Vi lade till hans Legacy Records sist i guiden så ni hittar till hans eget ställe)

  1. Telefon: (212) 227-3400

    Adress: 94 Chambers Street, New York

    "This downtown staple has since long outpaced its Parisian counterpart, and presents one of the city’s best wine lists, when it comes to scope, creativity and value. Headed by the self-taught Arnaud Tronche and since a year or so star sommelier Pascaline Lepeltier, who is most known for championing natural wines and Chenin Blanc from her native Loire, you’d think this is a list full of funky, challenging wines. And sure, there’s some of that, but also a treasure trove of things more classic and familiar. The cuisine here is French, with an elegance that surprises in the rustic interior."

  2. Telefon: (212) 219-2777

    Adress: 239 West Broadway, New York

    "Another downtown classic from Drew Nieporent (along with Tribeca Grill), Bâtard is a fancier stop, but the wine list is full of treasures, often at very good value. Burgundy is a specialty."

  3. Telefon: (212) 625-9463

    Adress: 24 Harrison Street, New York

    "Made famous by Paul Grieco's amazingly designed and detailed lists, this Wine Bar of wine bars continue to excel, always offering troves of interesting wines at good prices. Don't go here on dates though as you'll want to spend some time with your nose in the list (and glass)."

  4. Telefon: (212) 941-3900

    Adress: 375 Greenwich Street, New York

    "Tribeca Grill has been around for decades but with the new executive chef Brenton Lee you can expect new waves from the kitchen. The wine list has always been rock solid at Tribeca Grill. It is broad, international and excels in the Rhône selections. Go there for lunch and indulge in a fantastic mature bottle or two. "

  5. Telefon: (212) 343-3660

    Adress: 249 Centre Street, New York

    "Unpronounceable to most New Yorkers, this is just known as La Compagnie and it is perhaps the best wine bar in downtown Manhattan. Ex-Eleven Madison Park sommelier Caleb Ganzer has amassed a list full of gems from all over the world. La Compagnie is a place where industry folk tend to end up after finishing their shifts. Chances are that you'll gain a friend or two if you sit at the bar, not to mention share a bottle or two. "

  6. Adress: 187 Mulberry Street, New York

    "Commonly "PJ", a large part of the footprint of this little gem of a restaurant is taken up by the two huge wood-burning ovens. Pizza is naturally a prominent part of the menu, and I dare say you can't drink better wine with pizza anywhere. Drink some white Burgundy with the instant classic Little Neck clam pie, and a mature Italian with the amazing roasted pork shank? The list is pithy, but there are plenty of off-the-list offerings if you can read between the lines. Prices here are "Hospitality Included", meaning you're not expected to add a tip. (Full Disclosure: Pasquale Jones is part of the same group of restaurants as Legacy Records, but I have no financial stake in it)"

  7. Telefon: (646) 892-3050

    Adress: 128 1st Avenue, New York

    "This is a restaurant I recommend to anyone who visits town and wants a unique gastronomical experience. The chef-sommelier duo both hail from Hawaii and like no one else in NYC champion a cuisine that for most is underexplored. Expect rice. Fermented stuff. Lots of seafood. Pork. And yes, spam! It's different and delicious. The wine list isn't huge, but there is plenty of great bottles, usually at great prices, especially when it comes to Rieslings and Burgundy - just what you want with this kind of food. "

  8. Telefon: (212) 235-7133

    Adress: 5 King Street, New York

    "The vibe at Charlie Bird is hard to describe at first. Yet it is a restaurant that more and more people try to emulate. It's an awkward elongated space, it can be loud and the "ambiance" of the busy 6th Avenue outside the windows certainly isn't serene. Yet, Charlie Bird is about comfort. About taking all the pretention out of dining. It's a place you can show up to in a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers, eat an unfussy, well-cooked meal and drink world-class wine. The list is short and heavily slanted towards the classics of Europe - a who's who of the world of wine. If you want to ramp it up a notch, ask for the Red Book. (Full Disclosure: Charlie Bird is also part of the Delicious Hospitality group of restaurant and this was "my list" for three years before opening Legacy Records)"

  9. Telefon: (212) 777-2410

    Adress: 2 Lexington Avenue, New York

    "Perhaps the restaurant I have frequented most since moving to the city. The food here is excellent, classic Italian. The space is comfortable and the staff disarming. Anyone will feel at home here. The list is, apart from Champagne, all Italian, and it goes DEEP. If you're looking for birth year wines, this is where to go. Wine Director Jenny Guizio has continued the legacy and keeps an amazing list full of old gems, especially from Piedmont, but also in other, less expected part of the boot. And even though the food is on the pricey side, the wines are shockingly affordable, especially given that this is a "Hospitality Included" restaurant - no tipping needed. "

  10. Telefon: (212) 889-0905

    Adress: 11 Madison Avenue, New York

    "A temple of gastronomy and for many a must visit. The wine list is similarly impressive and expansive. Wine Director Cedric Nicaise has built what can only be described as a dream list. Not cheap, but then again, if you've secured a reservation at one of the world's most praised restaurants, skimping probably isn't your number one concern."

  11. Telefon: (212) 333-1220

    Adress: 9 West 53rd Street, New York

    "If I had to pick only one "best list" in the city, this might be it. Out of all the restaurants in the fancier side spectrum, no list is as aptly modern and open-minded as the one Michaël Engelmann has built here. Michaël effortlessly finds room for all the classics you'd expect to find in a restaurant of this level, but also is not afraid to stick his neck out and champion the great wines of places like South Africa and Australia. This may not seem like a revolutionary thing, but in Europhile New York, it's rare, especially at this level. On top of that, you're usually going to be paying less for the same bottles here than at restaurants of the same level, especially given that prices are "Hospitality Included", no tipping needed."

  12. Telefon: (212) 554-1143

    Adress: 151 West 51st Street, New York

    "For some reason, you find yourself in Midtown. Maybe you messed up and were convinced you had to see Times Square. Maybe you've got tickets to a Broadway show. You need to seek refuge and perhaps a quick bite. Where to go? No place better than Aldo Sohm's Wine Bar. Don't let the tastevin wearing sommeliers scare you. Sit down, order a glass from any of the plethora of bottles that are open on any given night, eat some hearty small bites and hide from the madness that is the outside world. "

  13. Telefon: (212) 497-8090

    Adress: 85 10th Avenue, New York

    A quintessential New York restaurant. Flawless Italian cooking in stunning environments. The list is solidly Italian and Wine Director Jeff Porter has made it his mission to make sure you don't get bored, there are amazing selections outside of the beaten paths of Piedmont and Tuscany. "

  14. Telefon: (212) 375-9001

    Adress: 99 East 52nd Street, New York

    "The Four Seasons restaurant in the Seagram Building was New York like nothing else. It was politicians, celebrities, cocaine-fueled power lunches, glitz and glamour. When it closed and the guys from Major Food Group took it over to open not one, but three restaurants in the space, the dining scene was on their toes, ready to pounce. Fortunately, the end result is stunning. Full of the same spectacle you'll find at the group's downtown red-sauce Italian masterpiece Carbone, you'll feel lost in time (at least until the check drops). Of the three restaurants, The Grill is the most accessible, and the most fun. The wine list is large and if you know what you're doing, you can find some mature gems here. But come prepared, this is not an inexpensive meal. "

  15. Telefon: (212) 288-0033

    Adress: 60 East 65th Street, New York

    "Even though Daniel Boulud's classic French cooking may have fallen from grace in the eyes of some critics, this still is one of the temples of food and wine you must visit in the city. Dress up. Come early. Grab a Martini in the bar. Study the tome that is the wine list while waiting for your company. Marvel at the effortless skill and elegance of the service team. You're going to eat and drink extraordinarily well, and dream of simpler times."

  16. Telefon: (212) 717-9798

    Adress: 1411 3rd Avenue, New York

    "Although not as much of a hidden gem as it used to be, the wine list at Eli's Table is still full of great, mature wine at very fair prices, especially given the neighborhood. "

  17. Telefon: (718) 599-4900

    Adress: 295 Grand Street, Brooklyn

    "Williamsburg wine bar and restaurant with an outspoken focus on natural wine. Given the target audience of this article, I imagine this either sounds like your dream or a true nightmare. The truth is a little more grey. The fact of the matter is that the list at Four Horsemen is far more nuanced and full of delicious wine without flaws. The food way overperforms too, and the soundtrack is always on point (as is to be expected, LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy is one of the owners)."

  18. Telefon: (917) 966-5300

    Adress: 238 Malcolm X Boulevard, Brooklyn

    "Great French bistro in Bed-Stuy, you won’t be disappointed in the food here but the wine is the star of the show. Some amazing bottles, at (for NYC) amazing prices. "

  19. Adress: 517 West 38th Street, New York

    Legacy Records är en bar och restaurant i New York. För mer info, välj engelska.

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