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Vintec is a global leading specialist in premium climate-controlled wine cabinets and cellars.

As wine lovers, we understand how important temperature and the right conditions are for the enjoyment of wine. In many cases when wine is not served nor stored in the right conditions, there can be significant changes in flavors, aromas and overall taste, completely striping the wine from the characteristics that were once intended by the winemaker during the production.

That’s why our products are designed to recreate the perfect storage conditions found in the best natural underground cellars – designed for wine lovers, by wine lovers.

In addition to products that care for wine, we have launched recently OENO by Vintec, our newly developed cellar management app powered by Vivino. OENO allows wine lovers to keep track of their collections effortlessly while also understanding how to best enjoy their wines.


We also know the wine journey of any wine lover goes beyond the product, with education and unique experiences that inspire, engage and build knowledge.

The platform we use to provide experiences and content is the Vintec Club, a private club for Vintec cellar owners who get access to exclusive wine tastings and dinners, special benefits, and unique opportunities from the wine industry.

The Vintec Club is also a public platform for wine content available for all wine lovers. With weekly new content being produced in partnership with renowned wine experts from all around the world, the club also organizes occasional open events and opportunities for the wider community who can register as a guest, free of charge. We are eager to share our passion with like-minded wine lovers!

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The Vintec Club
OENO by Vintec* – Download now from the AppStore or Google Play.
*Only available at the moment in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and United States, but soon in your location!