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Sommelier Particulier is the largest community of professional Sommeliers at the service of both private consumers and professional customers.

We work with the best professional sommeliers for our cause. Sommeliers that don’t only know their craft like no other, but do so with our sense of compassion and community. We taste tens of thousands of wines from all around France and the world, handpicking the best recommendations for our customers. We meet and exchange with the winemakers on their craft, support them in their passionate fight to uphold the soul of winery.

We listen to our customers, in order to give them personal wine selection tailored to their individual taste. We deliver on our promises - always fast and reliable.

We don’t sell wine, we "live it", and we want to tell its many inspirational stories. So that we may pass on everything that wine has done to elevate our own lives.

Sommelier Particulier is a community of 4000+ wine lovers with over 20M cumulated views on our video channels.

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